What The Best Gym Website Designs Have

What The Best Gym Website Designs Have

The best gym website design can serve its customers and be a focal point of the member experience.

Customer service is critical in every vertical and industry.  When your business is dependent upon a membership base, the customer service experience becomes extra critical. It’s what drives retention and creates referrals and new member opportunities.

If your member experience only consists of what happens inside your facility, you are missing out on a major opportunity.   A properly and strategically developed website will contribute to member retention and acquisition.

If your business is lacking a website or a well designed one, you’ve already lost credibility in the eyes of potential members.

Creating Trust And Appeal To Your Brand

Often your website is the first impression for a potential new member, client, or customer. How does your website look?  is it appealing, does it convey the image of what your brand offers?

Can a visitor on your website easily see what solution you provide?

More than likely your website was discovered because of a potential member’s search for a solution or to solve a problem. Your website should clearly demonstrate how you can help them. A great gym and fitness website design will reflect this.

For gyms, fitness centers, and martial arts schools, your website should speak to its local demographic. What may appeal to a crowd in San Francisco, may not appeal to a crowd in Miami.  Your website should be personalized to speak to your member base and target market.

Not the cookie cutter approach that too many website designers often take who are not familiar with your industry and local demographic.


Your Website is More Than A Brochure

More than a simple brochure that resides online, your website has the ability to serve countless purposes for your business. A well designed website operates as a great marketing tool, sales tool, and it’s also a direct line of communication to your members. Your website should be your top performing employee.

Your website is often the first place your members or potential members will look for information. Having a well designed and functional website will solve this problem. This prevents frustration among your members and losing potential members that came to your site but were unable to find the information they were looking for.

According to studies almost 90% of visitors to your website will immediately leave the home page to explore your products and services. It’s critical that you create a clear path for visitors to navigate your website.


It’s Not All About The Visuals

True, a website should be appealing to the eye, but that will only go so far. It’s critical that you are providing the valuable information visitors require from your website.

It’s also important to structure your website in a manner that makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. You can do this by simply structuring your menu bar in a way that will be easy to find.

Also, make sure to use verbiage that is clear and definitive so they know exactly where they are navigating to and what information they will find.


Key components and content that a gym and fitness website design should have.

  • Contact Information
  • Membership Options
  • Class Schedules
  • Photos Of The Facility
  • Amenities
  • Staff & Trainer Profiles
  • Testimonials
  • About Us Page – That Fits Your Brand

The best gym website designs have an About Us pages that defines their brand and the members they serve. If you’re a martial arts school or a neighborhood gym, that should reflect in your About Us page. Potential members will be more trusting and willing to join if they feel like they know you.

Don’t be shy about having pictures of yourself on your website. It’s acceptable and profitable to have family photos in your About Us page. Especially if you are a martial arts school or a center that provides programs for kids it helps build trust if potential members can see that you have a family and are a parent yourself.



  1. Hi
    This is so important to think about how our prospective customers experience our site. As you say we need to be thinking in terms of the information they are looking for when they land on our site and then how we can make their journey to the right information as smooth easy and obvious as possible. For a local business such as a gym or martial arts dojo, we should have a better idea of who our prospective customers are – we at least know they will be local. Understanding that demographic and designing our website and user experience accordingly is going to be key to success. Thanks for an excellent article on this topic.
    Best regards

    1. Excellent comment Andy and thank you for adding value to this article. I couldn’t agree more with you! Too many websites focus on the visual WOW instead of having an easy to navigate website that provides the information the user is looking for.

  2. Thank you so much for this incredibly insightful article, Lee! As someone who loves to work out and regularly visits gym and fitness websites, I love to visit sites that have a clear message, provide me with a valuable good or service, and are visually inviting and appealing (i.e. bright, colorful pictures, digestable paragraphs, easy to follow content). As online entrepreneurs, we should always work toward gaining and retaining as much traffic as possible. I have saved your site and will definitely be back! God bless you!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. A beautiful website may catch the initial attention of a visitor but it needs to be clear and easily navigated to be a successful website. Prospects need to quickly find what they are looking for or they will move on. Also, current members need to find what they are looking for quickly or they will not be getting the enjoyable customer experience that they deserve. The functionality and ease of use is what really separates what the best gym website design have versus the competition.

  3. Lots of good points and suggestions made in this article. I totally agree with you that the website must quickly show me the services they offer. What I find lacking on many gym websites is that they very rarely tie how each service can address a specific problem of their potential customer! Aside from the membership options, I am also interested in their refund policies. Many are intentionally vague about this.


    1. Thanks for the input and taking the time to respond. Cancelation policies are often in the contract as new members sign up. When a gym has an easy to cancel or “member friendly” cancelation policy that is certainly something they can promote on their website. I know that’s a stigma and often a worry many people have before they sign up for a gym membership. By promoting that and being transparent, that could be a great way to instill trustworthiness in a potential member.

  4. Hi
    Thank for valuable information
    Having just a gym website will not work, having an effective website that makes a business stand out from competitors and drives potential members to take action will surely work. Focusing on design and usability, it should be easy to understand and navigate.
    First impressions mean everything and in this hyper competitive fitness industry having an attractive, unique website is mandatory.
    Detailed information about the gym, services offered will influence and positively persuade potential customers to join and interact with your content.
    Achieving these goals can be made easy by using some gym website features like the gym’s review page, gym blog, link social media accounts, and online class registrations so it’s easy to effectively reach, connect and engage with site visitors.

    Have a Nice Day!

  5. Having a fully-functional, well-designed website is crucial, but is not as important as having a conversion-focused site.

    Yeah, the design does help, but if you can create a funnel that guides your customer to the end goal (buying a membership, getting a free week, etc.), then you’ll have a better chance of building a longterm business.

    My site probably has one of the best designs you’ll see, but I still need to work on making it more user friendly and geared towards the customer. (and not the search engines)

    Great article btw. I enjoyed reading it!

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