I’ve had a lifelong interest in Martial Arts, I was a little kid getting yelled at for eating cereal with chopsticks! My first Martial Arts competition was a Karate tournament when I was a teenager. (I’m not counting wrestling when I was younger) My last was an MMA fight when I was in my 30’s.

I am in my 40’s now, married with kids, and coach youth wrestling. I continue to study and hope to share what I’ve learned, and pass on what I am continuing to learn.

My love of the Martial Arts drove me to my journey into fitness and towards a career in that field.

My goal when Sushi Fitness first started was to write about topics and subjects that interested me. Programs and workouts specific to enhancing performance and assisting Martial Artists with improving their skills.

Just as important I feel, are the posts to help prevent and recover from common Martial Arts injuries and corrective exercise programs.

Also, I wanted to share my love and respect of Martial Arts history. Sushi Fitness has articles about historical figures and events that Martial Artists would want to read about.

I was happily surprised to see my personal blog grow and I was able to provide a resource of fitness for Martial Artists and fitness enthusiasts.


Sushi Fitness eventually transformed into a marketing company that focuses on Martial Art schools and boutique fitness centers.  I was bothered by the impact the Covid pandemic had on Martial Arts schools and the small fitness centers. I decided to create an affordable marketing company to help assist and do what I can to help my community. 


For full transparency there are some links that will redirect you to purchasing programs and products. I make a small commission on each purchase and I assure you that it does not affect your cost but will come from the supplier.

All of these products I stand by, and in fact my goal is to provide you resources of quality products.

Especially those who might be new to Martial Arts or own a school, I want to help guide you into the right buying decision. I will continue to update and improve my promoted products.

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  1. Ivan

    Cool story and an awesome website! I like your idea a lot. Was nice to explore your site. Keep up the good work!

    1. Lee Goupil

      I really appreciate the kind words!

  2. Elodie

    Reading you gave me chills.
    I’m 30 more or less, and already a former martial artist. I’ve tested lots of martial arts in my young life (vovinam, vietvodao, taekwondo, jujitsu, muay thai, kung fu, english boxing). But I had to stop almost 10 years ago because of a knee injury caused by a fitness session for which I was not well prepared… The injury was not serious, but it was enough to prevent me from taking up martial arts again. I had developed a fear of pain. It was just a tendonitis, not even a real injury actually. But it was enough to make me stop practicing sports. Since then I lost a lot of muscles.
    Today, the inflammation being still present but much less painful, I was able to start a gentle practice with yoga which works pretty well for me so far. Anyways, I feel that your site will help me a lot and maybe give me strength to start again. Thanks for that 🙂

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks for the kind words, Elodie. I’m glad you found the site.
      It sounds like yoga or another low impact exercise program would be great for you.
      Best of luck.

  3. Jason Kang

    Most men have some fantasy in martial art.
    It may look silly to many women, but it is hard to conceal our hidden instinct. Boys will be boys.
    I also have a fantasy in martial arts since I was young. A lot of times, I imagined that I become someone like Bruce Lee, and defeat bad guys with superior martial art skills. Still, I love to watch martial art competitions such as the UFC and the One.
    I believe boxing was a form of martial art originally. These days, a lot of people learn and practice it for their fitness. For sure, someone needs to be in the best fitness for an effective fight. I like your idea of driving martial art into fitness.
    I wish you all the best with your journey,

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thank you for the kind words and best wishes Jason!

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