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Warrior In A Garden

Do you struggle to get out of your comfort zone?
It’s not easy; it’s a pretty UNCOMFORTABLE thing to do!

“Get out of your comfort zone” is easy advice that everyone loves to give. However, going out of your comfort zone can be very challenging.

Your comfort zone is merely where your actions and behaviors fall into a repetitive pattern that diminishes your perception of stress and risk—a security blanket for your mental state.

I struggled with this for years…
And I still do at times. It’s so easy to fall back onto what feels COMFORTABLE.

However, the inability to remove yourself from your comfort zone can have tremendous drawbacks in your personal development, success, and lifestyle. One of the significant drawbacks highlighted by Walden University is an inability to learn new skills.


Be a “ Warrior In The Garden”

Regular exercise and meditation are great ways to help support you in your journey outside your comfort zone. “A warrior in the garden” is a viewpoint that has helped me see it as staying relevant, being a multifaceted, malleable person who can adapt to the obstacle in front of myself.

Of course, I lean on my strengths when It’s the right time for them, but I also ask myself,
“Does my strength only apply to this scenario because I want it to?”
“Should I lean on a skill I’m not as comfortable with because it’s more appropriate for the immediate situation? ”

I always remember this story and remind myself that it’s better to be a “Warrior In A Garden.”

A student said to his master: “You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?” The master replied: “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.”
– Unknown

What tactics or strategies have helped you “get out of your comfort zone?

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  1. SAM

    Getting out of the comfort zone is one of the most difficult thing to actually do.

    After some time, I guess we give the excuse of familiarity to mask our fear of change. So, I do agree that it’s easy to fall back onto what feels comfortable.

    I’ve never heard of that book, but sounds like it’s worth a try. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.
      Yes, getting out of our comfort zone is an incredibly challenging thing for many of us. The book is excellent, I read a lot of books in this “genre” and try and apply what I learn to my everyday life. Being a warrior in a garden is a mindset I like to remember that has consistently helped me.

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