We often don’t recognize that we live our lives in seasons. It takes time to learn and often, longer to absorb the concept that we are metaphorically, living in seasons. We also must recognize our lives will transform similar to the seasons of the year.

To make the right decision and properly prepare for the future it is critical that we distinguish, and examine what season we are in.  Then we can take the next to step to prepare for the next season in our life.

  • What purpose or direction is this season sending me?
  • Am I prepared for the next season of life?

Most of us wish it could be spring every day. We could ditch our heavy jackets, put on our shorts, take a walk in the park, and see the blooms and birth of life.

Perhaps you love those early autumn days, just as the leaves are beginning to turn, the air is fresh, and you can feel the positivity in the air.


But that’s not reality, sometimes we live through unrelenting cold seasons of life that nip our nose and chill us to the bone. The only way to find warmth is from drawing a hot bath to soak away the stress of the day.

Then, some seasons of life inundate blistering heat upon us. Causing discomfort, and producing sweat that leaves us uncomfortable and chaps us raw.
These are the trying seasons of life, but it is during these times that we are hardened, and formed. During our seasons of trials we are molded, and our plans for the next seasons of life are created.

Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life


Embrace each season, don’t live in a past season or you’ll never advance.

Often, when we live in the past our mind dwells in regret and pain. It’s imperative to recognize that conditions change, and if you don’t live life in your current season, you’ll never be successful in the next.

Don’t wish for the next season to come quickly, you’ll miss the lessons of the season you are in.

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