Step by Step to Achieve Success

Like you, I have had tons of struggles with time issues, staying positive through challenges, raising a family, working, and multi-tasking just to keep up.  I do not have a lot of “me” time and I sometimes compromise sleep or eating well. Where does success fit into the picture?

If this is also you, don’t worry!  If you can carve a few moments out of your day, here and there, you can make small positive and lasting changes that will improve your life in a powerful way.

Taking baby steps can lead to big accomplishments. How I learned a martial art is a prime example.  My fears in the beginning of my training were eased when I realized that I was not expected to perform every newly taught skill with agility and perfection right from the get-go. I could learn the simple things first, and then add on.

Once I recognized that mistakes were going to happen and that I was patiently allowed to correct them, I was less anxious about working toward the bigger goals by starting with the smaller ones. Each skill was added to a bigger set of skills and each bigger set of skills promised a new belt level and more challenge.

Learning the basics of a kick, or tackling balance issues in katas, was just the beginning.  These were the stepping-stones on which I built my entire personal martial art repertoire, and how I earned not just a black belt, but a second degree, during building a family, a career, and pursuing an active role as a volunteer.

It was a step-by-step approach requiring patience and effort, with great rewards at the end.  The key to it all was that one small achievement brought me bigger, better achievements.  Each small step along the way created a pseudo staircase on which I could confidently climb to the next, higher level.  You can apply these same concepts to step up the staircase in your life to bigger and better things, too.

My daily journey with martial arts gave me everything I needed to finally achieve two black belts even though my life was hectic.  Because I accepted and mastered the small steps, I was able to move upward and onward.

What can you do to update your mindset and your perspective?  What stepping-stones can you put in place right now that will lead you to personal success or bring you exactly where you want to be in life? Do not focus too far ahead, but rather on what you can do today. Small goals today lead to success tomorrow. Be patient.

The best part of this small-step to results approach is that you can continually grow and learn and become the master of your life. Whether you are seeking personal, financial, or other success, you can achieve it through a step by step approach. Let’s face it, most success takes work and effort. If you can break it down, you will eventually get there. Don’t give up, and keep pushing through.

Take the first step and see what happens.

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One thought on “Step by Step to Achieve Success

  • November 21, 2018 at 12:06 am

    “Once I recognized that mistakes were going to happen and that I was patiently allowed to correct them, I was less anxious about working toward the bigger goals by starting with the smaller ones.”

    Great post!

    That quote hit the nail on the head for me.

    It’s something I’ve learned about myself but still struggle to work on it.

    A fear of making a mistake is real, I need to realize they are going to happen, learn, and move on.

    I’ve improved but continue to find my self over planning, over analyzing , letting mistakes “shake” me , or worse not taking that chance.


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