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Make A Gym Website That Sells More Memberships

It’s never been more important to make a gym website that will be found online by potential members. Even more critical, you need to design your gym website in a manner that not only drives prospects to your door, but can convert visitors at a higher rate.

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second, and for health and fitness related queries, over 70,000 every minute!

With these numbers continuing to grow every year, how confident are you with your online presence?

I want to share a recent interview I did with Josh Steinberg from Josh Stein Design.

Josh is a web designer at heart with a huge passion for fitness. As a result, Josh helps health, wellness, and fitness companies improve their online presence. He has a history of building gym websites that convert a high number of visitors into paying customers.

Your Website Has To Serve A Purpose

There is a huge gap in the fitness industry. An online presence isn’t often at the forefront of an owner’s mind. A website is an afterthought to many. They make a gym website and just throw it up on the web and expect to turn water into wine.

As search queries show, Google is the first place people go to find the business or product that they are looking for. Besides designing a website that will get found online, your website must serve a purpose within your sales process.

Having a well built website, in a highly competitive market like the fitness industry can separate you from your competitors. As a business owner, it is vital to look at how your business is portrayed online.

Is your website just a brochure with images? Or is it acting as a funnel, to benefit, supplement, and enhance your sales process?

Address The Needs Of Your Website Visitors

When you make a gym website it should be tailored as specific as possible to your customer base. Everybody’s individual business is different. Even in the same industry, your customers and membership base can be vastly different. A gym website design that works well in Scottsdale Arizona, might not be as effective in Portland Maine.

When you design or make a gym website it is critical that you speak to the pain points that will attract a market that is unique to you. The plug and play, easy website design is too broad or generic of a message to address the members you are going after.

WordPress is a great option for designing your own website and tailoring it to your individual market space. However, the time and complexity of building your own website in this manner becomes frustrating and time consuming for business owners. The result can be a product that is an eyesore or not properly designed to convert potential members who visit your website.

In the ultra-competitive world of fitness, your website needs to attract members away from your competition. Not drive them to look elsewhere because of a badly designed website.

Redesign An Existing Site

A critical error that happens often after an initial launch of a website is lack of resources and time spent updating. Improving and redesigning your website can have a major impact with your online business.

Josh states there’s preconceived notions that you should redesign your website every three to six months. However, he recommends that you should get your website redesigned as often as needed to stay ahead of your competition and of course, make you more money!

It’s extremely important that your website is designed to funnel your traffic in a way to promote sales or conversions. It’s one thing to just get a website up on the internet and have it read like a brochure. A visitor will land on your website and can read all your information and what you offer.

Then there’s another kind of website that actually converts your traffic into paying customers. That comes down to the user experience that begins the moment the prospect comes to your website.


How can your website get your customers from point A to point B in the easiest possible way?

Meaning, point A is the visitor landing on your website and point B, getting in contact with you, making a purchase, or whatever a successful conversion is for your business.

When you’re investing in a quality web designer like Josh, you’re focusing on consistent and residual business that you’re going to get from your website. You’re not just throwing a website up just to have one and just hoping to get results.


Your website should be an enhancement to your business and sales processes. It should provide a solution to a problem. Not just sit dormant online or worse, drive potential business away with a poorly designed website.

Please contact us for a FREE consultation and we’d be happy to share ideas on how you can attain more business through your website. If you’re looking for tools to “do it on your own” we have an updated resource page where you can find great software we use ourselves and with clients.

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  1. Doug Filaroski

    Great interview! There are still to many ugly, unorganized websites out there. For gyms, please let us see that it’s clean, and contains lots of equipment and amenities. Thanks, Lee!

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks for reading and commenting Doug! I appreciate the compliments. Post Covid-19, cleanliness should be a high priority for gyms and fitness centers. I don’t think that it would hurt to convey that message on their website.

  2. Fiona Lau

    Thank you for sharing this info! This is a great resource!!

    1. Lee Goupil

      I really appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.
      I’m glad this could be a great resource for you!

  3. Andy

    Hi, This article and the video, which I did watch some of, convey the clear message that you know what you are talking about. I’m sure there are many other local business niches that need website services since, as you say, more and more whenever we are looking for anything new the first thing we do is an internet search and 90% of the time that is on google. Thanks and best regards, Andy

    1. Lee Goupil

      Hi Andy,
      I agree with you completely on this. Having a GOOD online presence, not just some website you throw out there just to have one is critical, and will be increasingly more important in the future. We discussed what it takes to make a great gym website, but most if not all these points relate to other business verticals as well.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Josh Steinberg

    Thanks Lee, this was a lot of fun! Appreciate the interview, hope it helps 🙂

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks a lot Josh. You provided a ton of information to help owners looking to make a gym website and improve their business.

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