Kettlebell Weight Chart: Getting Started With Kettlebells

Kettlebell Weight Chart: Getting Started With Kettlebells

Kettlebell workouts are a great addition to your exercise program. The uniqueness of the kettlebell can often scare people away when they are unsure about how to use them. Even some experienced fitness enthusiasts can be hesitant of training with kettlebells.

With the motion involved in performing kettlebell routines you need to adjust to a constant change with the center of gravity. This offers a martial artist a dynamic workout that improves strength, cardio, and provides a broad range of benefits.

Also, kettlebells are great pieces of equipment to use at home because minimal space is required to perform the routines.

They don’t take up too much space for storage either. Making kettlebells a perfect piece of exercise equipment for the house.


If you are new to using a kettlebell one of the first things you must decide is what weight is appropriate for you. Depending on your current strength and physical condition the answer can vary.



The kettlebell weight chart below will provide a guide for you to select the correct weight of kettlebell to purchase.

kettlebell weight chart

Using the kettlebell weight chart you can select the proper weight you should begin with. Kettlebells can be found at most sporting good stores or you can order on Amazon .

Once you have your kettlebell and are ready to get started the first exercise I’d recommend is the Kettlebell Swing. The kettlebell swing is an amazing exercise and is the foundational kettlebell technique. Learning this movement will help you incorporate other kettlebell exercises into your workout routine.


kettlebell weight chart


There are a lot of resources online to improve your kettlebell swing and become more adept with this piece of exercise equipment. When I was first learning the kettlebell I became a big fan of Steve Cotter.

His Youtube channel is excellent. There are several videos on the kettlebell swing that will help you get started. I’ve embedded a few below.

I’m a big fan of Steve, he has a wealth of knowledge and I find his instruction very easy to understand and incorporate into my workouts. If you want to gain more in depth knowledge than what you’ll find from free Youtube videos he also has several programs available on Amazon.

Once you begin feeling comfortable with your kettlebell swing, you can start integrating other kettlebell routines into your exercise program. Below I’ve posted a beginners full body workout. This program is designed to be done 3 days a week for 4-6 weeks.


Full Body Kettlebell Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Kettlebell Squat 3 8
Kettlebell Swing 3 8
Kettlebell Row 3 8
Kettlebell Overhead Press 3 8
Turkish Get Up 3 6 Each

Hopefully the kettlebell weight chart provided guidance for you to begin your journey with kettlebells.

Have you used kettlebells before in your workout routine?
If not, what has held you back from using them?


  1. Hi Lee

    Great article. I used to use kettlebells a few years ago, still have them. I kinda stopped excessing. I pushed too hard and got a heart-attack due to a vein collapsing. I’ve been a bit afraid to start again. After seeing the videos, I’m inspired to start again.

    Could I use your workout plan as a jump-off or not?

    Thanks again


    1. Hey Arthur, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. That’s horrible news about your heart attack, sorry that happened. I would never feel comfortable giving someone exercise advice in regards to post heart attack, it’s not something I have any formal training in. Your best bet is to talk with your doctor and I’m sure he’ll have a specialist to recommend.

  2. Lisa

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the detailed post, I’ve used kettlebells a bit while doing CrossFit but there is something that I’d really appreciate clarificaton on – I hate American Kettlebell swings, I feel really unstable at the top of the swing, but I much prefer Russian swings because my shoulders feel a lot more stable without going all the way overhead.

    Does this mean that I should be doing more American swings or am I getting the same benefit from the Russian Kettlebell Swings?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. I would definitely stick with doing the Russian swings. Every trainer I’ve worked with that is knowledgeable with kettlebells have expressed the overhead motion is inefficient use of energy. You’ll get a much better workout keeping the swing extension lower. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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