Is A Personal Trainer Worth It For Weight Loss?

Is A Personal Trainer Worth It For Weight Loss?

There was an massive shift to our lifestyles in 2020. We had to adapt to a new work life, home life, schooling, and our social life made an enormous change. For most of us, this wasn’t perceived as a positive shift.

Budgets have been tightened, personally and professionally as employment, or business survival is a paramount concern for many. Along with financial waning, the health of our nation has also deteriorated.

Since the pandemic began the sales of processed food, alcohol, take out food, and “comfort” food has skyrocketed. Not surprisingly when you view data from sources like Google Trends, you can also see a decline in searches for “healthy foods” and other phrases related to a healthy lifestyle.

Reports are as high as 76% of Americans gaining weight during the lockdown. From many factors including a more sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices, and stress which also adds to weight gain.

What compounds this problem with the additional weight gain, many Americans have now destabilized their immune systems which makes them more susceptible to the virus that’s at the root of the crisis.

What’s promising though, 63% of Americans surveyed stated that losing weight was a top priority post-quarantine.

Gyms across the country are still  battling state and local government mandates. Many facilities that have now opened are being forced to operate under strict, sometimes unrealistic conditions. These are challenging for not only the business, but the gym members themselves.

Being a part of a gym for many is more than just losing weight and being in shape. Often, it is a community of friends, accountability, motivation, and social bonding time.

With restrictions perhaps infringing on this social outlet that many use to stay motivated, it’s not a surprise to see health declining for many.
Without the four walls of a gym and the social fuel to maintain physical fitness many have turned to a coach or personal trainer to help them get back in shape.

With the aforementioned concerns about budgets and employment you have to ask yourself, “is a personal trainer worth it for weight loss?” Sometimes to answer a question you need to ask several others.


Do You Know Where To Start?

Many gym members who have exercised for years but when left on their own are not sure what program they should be doing.

Some have always had a workout buddy who quarterbacked the workouts. Others enjoy the gym as just a place to socialize or just go through the motion without seeing real results.

Surprisingly there are members who have been group fitness enthusiasts for years who are unable to simulate the experience they’ve always enjoyed. Often, they also miss the camaraderie between the other participants and the instructor.

Even more, some just want to be told what to do!

They work hard, deal with business schedules, and kid’s activities. The last thing they want to do is design a workout program.

If any of this relates to you, perhaps a guided online workout program or a personal trainer is worth it for you.

Do You Need To Be Challenged, Motivated, Or Held Accountable?

If so, you are a prime candidate for a personal trainer.

Often it can be difficult to challenge ourselves each day to stay consistent. To put in the grind required to see results. It’s too easy for many of us to coast along, not see our desired weight loss, and just give up because we tell ourselves we can’t do it.

This is where a personal trainer is worth it for weight loss, being better physically, which will lead to a stronger “mental you” as well.

A trainer or coach will challenge you!  Keep you motivated, and hold you accountable to maintain the drive to see results.

Do You Have A Condition Or Injury?

This is a situation where I find not only is a personal trainer worth it for weight loss, but it can be detrimental not to make this investment!

A great workout program you find online may be effective for some, but for your condition it could be doing more harm then good.
The best choice for you would be to contact a certified professional.

Make it a priority to ask about their experience with your specific condition. Make sure they are qualified to provide a proper program for you.

Hiring a personal trainer through your local gym to have the personal 1 on 1 interaction is often the best option.

However, if you are unsure, or joining a gym is not an option for you right now, you do have a other options.

Fyt Personal Training

Fyt is one of the most affordable alternatives to in-person training that’s flexible to fit any lifestyle.

You have your own dedicated personal trainer who’ll provide a personalized workout program. Together, you will track your results, get video consultation, and have the non-stop motivation and accountability that you require.

Fyt also offers 30 days FREE with no obligation so you can make sure this is the right program for you without any risks.



Fit2B Studio

Do you have kids that you’d love to see more active as well?
Fit2B Studio is an excellent online fitness portal that provides unlimited access to workouts designed for the whole family.

I included this program because of the “new” normal for many of us.
My child who has just entered the second grade has his desk set up in my home office with me. More than likely he will finish the 2nd grade with his teachers and schoolmates though a Zoom classroom.

Because of this, he is not getting the physical activity and interaction with his peers that is needed for him to develop into a healthy adult. I have found this program to be an engaging platform to help him be more active and help cement physical activity as a healthy part of his life.

I feel Fit2B Studio might gear more towards females like my wife who loves it but,  for some of you single men this might not be the best platform for you.

However, if your female, a father, or a family with children this may be the perfect place for you.
Learn more about Fit2B Studio here.


Body Transformation University

My prime recommendation and the program I have personally seen great results with is Russ Yeager’s Body Transformation University.
I wrote an article recently discussing my results and the invaluable information I received from Russ directly in an interview I posted on YouTube.

At the beginning of the lockdown when my gym was shut down, my wife and children were home,. There was an air of uncertainty around the country. I decided to focus this energy into getting my body in great shape.

Along with a meal plan for me to follow what Russ’s program offers that I enjoy is a day by day breakdown of exactly what I need to do. It is very easy to follow and what I love the most is it is OK to eat!

In fact, I’m not asked to cut a lot of calories or eat like a rabbit. I’ve always eaten fairly healthy so there was no major shift in what I ate. What did change was I’m now eating 7-9 smaller meals a day and consuming more protein.

This is great because I love to eat and I feel like I am eating all the time. Much different than other programs I’ve tried where the meal plans were starving me and I was miserable, living on lettuce and water.

The one warning I will give you about Russ’s BTU program is, you will see results! This program can be intense, you will get into amazing shape and have an amazing looking body after a couple of months.

This program was designed to be the premier body transformation program in the world. In fact, Russ has stated that even if you only accomplish 60% of this program each week, you might still be in the best shape of your life. Even more, if you follow it consistently step by step in a matter of several months most people will be ready to win physique contests yourself!

Learn more about Body Transformation University Here.

is a personal trainer worth it for weight loss

Has the recent pandemic affected your health, and have you been gaining weight or getting out of shape?
Have you been considering if a personal trainer is worth it for you in regard to weight loss or getting in shape?


  1. HIya 🙂

    Great article, I’ve never heard of Fyt or Fit2Be. Maybe because I am a bit of a loner when it comes to exercise. I like to follow my own rules and programs, but not everyone is like that.

    As you perfectly explained, if anyone lacks motivation or ideas, they should definitely consider a personal trainer.

    I am currently working on my PT qualification and there are many benefits a PT can offer. Not only they keep an eye on your progress, but they will also make sure you are continuously motivated and challenged. That’s the only downside of some apps and programs – they don’t adapt to an individual.

    Every exercise program should be reviewed every 4 – 6 weeks and if this is not done, there is a high possibility the individual won’t adhere to the program for much longer.

    I love the idea of the whole family being able to exercise together in one of these programs you mentioned. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that most people probably emerge from the pandemic overweight, and that applies to children too. Trust me, I see it firsthand. I know people with children at home having 3 main meals a day topped with 2 snacks and biscuits before bed. That would be OK if they were running around all day. But the schools in the UK are still shut and the kids have been sitting on their bums 90% of last year.

    There has even been announced that school uniform manufacturers had to come up with new sizings as a response to increasing waist lines in children.

    Absolutely shocking and people have to realise that this is incredibly dangerous and if we don’t stop this, we will have a terribly sick generation coming soon.

    1. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.
      That’s crazy that they had to come up with new sizing in response to children gaining so much weight during the lockdown! Not surprising though. 🙁
      My child is sharing my office at this year and is schooling from home as well. I’d be lying to say it hasn’t been a challenge for me to make sure he stays active. I’ve had to invest a lot of my own time of course to play with him more than usual since he doesn’t have class mates to play with. I’ve also searched and found different programs and ideas that he can interact with that gets him to move his body and be physically fit. It’s hard and I’ve had to change it up quite often, as any of with kids know how long their attention span can be.

  2. Personally I think it’s unbelievable people are so careless about their health and immune system, especially in this time, that they don’t mind their food intake and exercise program. It was my first intention when the lockdown started: I am NOT going to gain weight. And I didn’t 🙂
    And to amplify your question if we need a personal trainer for weight loss: I think we need a personal trainer to maintain our health, regardless of weight loss. (I am lucky enough to have reached my ideal weight and just want to maintain it).
    I wish there was a personal trainer in my surroundings I could understand well enough (I am in Spain – learning Spanish, but am just not fluent enough yet). So I definitely have to look at your described programs! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for adding such a valuable comment to this article. It may be shocking, but unfortunately many people don’t monitor their health or physical activity. They either feel they don’t have the time or don’t value the countless benefits it provides.
      Best of Luck in Spain!

  3. Fyt sounds like a great program and I love that you can have a video consultation with them. I am a teacher and we are now also having classes online. I recently spoke to the PE teacher and asked him how he did his classes online, and he explained to me that he gave instructions for exercises and his students did them in their study room, on camera, so he could watch and give feedback. Everything has changed now.
    Alcohol consumption has indeed gone up, also where I live, and I am guilty of buying more wine than I used to as well … ;-), but I am not going crazy with it 😉
    I think that exercising is one of the best things people can do right now during lockdown and isolation. We need to stay in shape – especially now – we need to keep our defenses up, and exercise is also a wonderful stress reliever!

    1. I tried to add a few options that people could choose or use as a springboard for providing a program that works for them.
      Funny you mention the school PE. I have a young child doing this school year from home, I always get a kick out of watching him during his PE class!
      In regard to training, many trainers were taking this approach BEFORE the pandemic. Not as common of course, but the need has exploded and companies and individuals are trying to meet the demand. I know many people I’ve spoken to said they have adjusted and really enjoy the training from home now.

  4. After reading this eye opening post about having a personal trainer to get you back into the fitness is essential. Especially if someone’s been a fitness enthusiast but had to stop going gym because of the lockdown. Having a personal is not only essential for physical fitness but all for the motivation.

    I highly recommend it to anyone.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Hi Lee,

    That was a great read, although I almost feel as though you were describing me in lockdown here, LOL.

    I actually thought I’d be fine during lockdown, as I have a fair knowledge of exercise and training, although many of my bodyweight workouts turned into conditioning workouts.

    I’m afraid to say that I was missing the gym and within about 6 weeks I had stopped my daily bodyweight routine. I even tried running, and I’m definitely no runner, but in the end I opted for fast foods and beer.

    I’ve been back to the gym now for the past 6 weeks, and slowly but surely putting some muscle back on, while losing the fat that I seem to have gained.

    I have actually heard of Fit2B Studio and Body Transformation University, but it never actually occurred to me to give them a look over the past few months.

    I’ve never seen myself as someone who would require personal training, but perhaps a shift in mindset, and having someone there, whether face-to-face or online, could be a great motivating factor.

    You’ve definitely given me some food for thought.


    1. Great comment and I appreciate you adding value to this article.
      I personally believe a trainer is great for everyone.
      People who don’t know how to workout or eat properly or course, but even those of us who are certified trainers ourselves or knowledgeable about fitness.
      It’s good to get another viewpoint, someone who specializes in a certain area, and/or just someone to help hold us accountable.

  6. I have not heard either about Fyt or Fit2Be Studio so far.
    I did work however with a personal trainer many years ago and I would always vote for one, especially when you have a goal to achieve, or health issues to comply with.
    It was the best time in my workout life ever. No matter how indisposed or unenthusiastic about work out I might have turned up, he always managed to lift up my spirits very quickly and get my focus back on the goal we set up together.
    I moved from there, so our cooperation stopped then and somehow, I never considered finding a new trainer. I think it is because he became more like a friend in time, so it was hard to seek for a “replacement”
    The online training could be a solution. Don’t know about the price for Fyt, though, but appreciate the 30 day free trial.

    1. Agreed, a trainer will make a huge difference.
      It’s important that you have the right one who fits your personality and goals.

      It sounds like you were lucky to find one. Now, if you get another you know what to look for.
      Don’t be afraid to shop trainers and find one that fits you.

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