How To Start A Diet And Exercise Program

How To Start A Diet And Exercise Program

Do you want to get the perfect body you need?
Do you feel exhausted all the time?
Are you trying to get some extra muscles on your body?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions you are not alone. In fact, you are in the majority and are just like most adults.

According to the CDC more than 70% of the adults over the age of 20 are overweight. Even more frightening, almost 40% are considered obese.



Many don’t know how to properly start a diet and exercise program and our lifestyles are becoming increasingly more challenging to a healthy way of life.

With the advancement of the latest gadgets, we take our screens everywhere with us. Unfortunately, this is an additional hindrance on getting fit as it adds another distraction to having an active lifestyle.

The absence of physical activity has detrimental effects on our body and soul. Causing weak muscle and bones, less energy, fatigue, and quickens our aging process.

While maintaining a regular workout routine makes the body strong and minimizing the incidence of common diseases while contributing to a healthy prosperous life.


If you have tried what feels like countless times to begin a diet and exercise program, hoping to get in shape, I wrote this article for you. I want to help you get started and stay on the path to getting the body you desire.

Below are some proven tips on how to start a diet and exercise program that will help you maintain and see the results you desire.


Be Clear About Your Fitness Goal, Don’t Just Follow An Idea

Before you buy anything or jump into an exercise program, determine the goal that you want to achieve.

What does success look like for you?

If you’re goal is to lose 30 lbs. you need to establish that goal and begin a program that will deliver that goal to you. If your goal is to add muscle and get stronger, you’ll need to begin a program designed to achieve this.

Too often individuals jump into an exercise program with just an “idea” but no clear goal in mind. Often, this is coupled with a program that does not match the “idea” they have for their weight loss goals. After a short time, they are not seeing the results they desire, and they give up on the fitness “idea” they had.

Set your goals first in order to succeed and choose the program that matches your goal. Don’t just chase an “idea”.


Consistency Is The Key

Consistency is the key to success in most things in life and fitness is no exception. The most important aspect to know how to start a diet and exercise program is finding a routine that fits YOU and you’ll stick to.

How often have you begun a workout program and were very excited in the beginning?

You worked out vigorously at the start, completely changing your diet, and perhaps getting up early and creating a whole new daily routine for yourself.

However, when the initial excitement diminished you started sleeping in a little bit more, going back to the foods you enjoy, then more and more you began skipping workouts.

Ultimately this became a vicious cycle culminating in you stopping your workout routine and going back to how you were.

body transformation program


This is why choosing a program that is right for you is so important. To avoid this pitfall, it is advised to start slow but be consistent in performing your workouts. 20 minutes of regular workouts daily are better than an hour of intense exercise twice a week.

Also, if you are not a morning person, don’t begin a program that requires you to get up early! This is only going to create resentment with your program and lead you to eventually cease and desist completely.

Lastly, a change of diet is perhaps necessary. If you are eating a processed diet, getting fast food daily, and consuming a lot of sweets you of course are going to need to alter how you eat. However, you do not need to eat like a rabbit!

Choose a meal plan that includes the foods that you enjoy. Also, you don’t need to completely change your diet all at once. You can begin by slowly swapping out some meals and cutting out sugary snacks as you alter your meal plan.


Start Your Fitness Routine At A Moderate Pace

Often people go too hard on their bodies at the beginning of their fitness program. When you haven’t been following an exercise routine and have lived a sedentary lifestyle, your muscles became stiff and weak. It takes time to condition your muscles, it’s best to do this gradually.

Being driven to get into great shape is wonderful but performing high intensity exercises before your body is ready can negatively impact you and increase the chances of injury.

Take a moderate start and keep on adding to it with time and capacity.


Beat The Initial Boredom By Doing A Variety Of Workouts

Repeating the same moves can become boring and you might lose your interest in pursuing your fitness goal. A good program to begin with should include different types of exercises to keep yourself interested and consistent in moving your body.

Running, cycling, jogging, and swimming are great variations to add to the cardio aspect of your program. It will bring a variety to look forward too and you will probably gravitate towards one that you enjoy more.

Doing different kinds of workouts also help to avoid strain on specific parts of your body and you will see more results as your body won’t get “accustomed” to the same repeated exercises.


Stretch Your Body To Give It Recovery Time

Stretching is an integral component of any good fitness plan. After a warm up you can stretch before your workout routine to get more flexibility while minimizing the chances of being injured. You should also stretch a little more intensely after your workout to help your body recover.


Monitor Your Results And Change Accordingly

The more you work on your body, the more you get to know it. After a few consistent weeks with a good fitness routine, you will be able to know your body well. Listen your body and make changes accordingly to achieve even better results.

Assess the changes and compare them to before you began your workout program. You won’t see a change overnight, but as you gradually begin to see the change this will intensify your motivation to keep going.


The best part of being healthy is that you can get all the benefits and improve your wellbeing with moderate changes.

Set your goal and find the program that fits you and your lifestyle.

Make physical activity a part of your routine and enjoy a healthy living full of energy and enjoyment!


What obstacle or challenges are you facing that’s keeping you from maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program? 


If you want advice or would like me to assist you on how you can start a diet or exercise program please send me an email and I’d be happy to help! 


  1. Hey, thanks for the article. I’ve been struggling with fitness my whole life and this has some solid advice. For me, the most difficult part is consistency. Also, watching how much I eat.

    I’ve been looking around for some good fitness programs too, but just can’t seem to find one that is affordable enough for me. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but then again, I’m really hesitant about spending money in general.

    I’ll be definitely be keeping these points in mind though, trying to get back on track.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to rad and comment.

      Consistency is the most critical key and the biggest challenge for most of us.
      Stick with it long enough to see some results then use those results to motivate you.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me and I’d be happy to suggest programs that would fit your lifestyle.

      Take care

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