How Much Does A Website Cost To Build

How Much Does A Website Cost To Build

How much does a website cost to build and how much you should spend on a website can be summed up by one question. “How much business do you want to generate from your website?”

Your website is often the first impression you will have with a potential client or customer. Unfortunately, if that impression is not a good one, you may never get a second chance. According to studies 97% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by a company’s website.

Too often websites are constructed as an online brochure. Akin to handouts you can pick up when you visit the museum. If constructed well, they provide a great resource of information, but the information is generally not funneled in a manner that will generate a sale.

What is funneled is the tour itself! Haven’t you noticed it always ends at the gift shop? That’s how your website should be constructed. Your visitors should be taken on a guided tour of your business ending with an opportunity to purchase.

Think Of Your Website As Your Top Performing Employee

If you thought of your website as an employee, would that change the concept of cost for you?

  • Your website works 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. Your website never calls in sick, never feels tired, and never gets distracted.
  • Your website is a fast learner, you tell it once and it does exactly what you want every time.
  • What about customer service? Are you kidding me, your website delivers the best customer service you can imagine. Your website knows EVERYTHING about your business.  What’s even better, your website can talk to thousands of people at once and still deliver a one on one personal experience.
  • Your website is the perfect salesman.  It can be anywhere in the world your business wants to be, no travel expenses or reports. Every time you teach it the perfect pitch it will always repeat what you want until you ask it to change. Your website is a closer!

With that in mind, would paying this employee $12,000 seem like a steal?!  What about $50,000?


How Much Does A Website Cost To Build?

First ask yourself, if you want to build and manage your own website or hire someone to do it.

Pretty much everything in life can be more affordable if you have the ability to do it yourself. Much like fixing a car or building a deck on your home, you need to buy the materials and spend the hours yourself doing it.

The finished product will just come down to your skill level and abilities. Also, most importantly to many of us it’s the time you will need to invest in that project. You may have the skills to complete a job but outsourcing the work (paying someone else to do it) is more cost effective for you than spending the time doing it yourself.

Sometimes what needs to be done might go beyond our aptitude and the finished product won’t be satisfactory. Even worse, it might require precious hours for us to learn a new skill on top of the time already needed to complete the project in the first place. Then, is the final product a quality product?

If you choose the path of building and managing your own website, you could spend anywhere from $20 a month to $1,000+ a month! It comes down to what you need your website to do.

If you decide to build and manage your own website:


  • Complete access to design your own website
  • Make updates whenever needed
  • Many services Include SSL security as part of the package
  • Basic SEO features normally included


Negative aspects:

  • Expectations to learn and design it on your own
  • Plug-ins can dramatically increase the cost
  • Time invested to design, build, and launch your website
  • Even more time to manage your website after launch
  • Content creation and Google relevance is entirely up to you
  • Templates can require coding to change basic elements
  • Support is often through ticket-based email only system


How Much Does A Website Cost To Build If You Pay Someone Else?

Remember how we compared your website to your best employee? It really comes down to how good you want your website to be. How many features and abilities does your website need?  If you spend $100 a month on a full-time employee, how much production or return on investment would you expect? If you spend a $1,000 a month how much better would you expect him to be?

To give you an exact answer for what you’d pay for your specific business website is impossible. For sake of research however, I can tell you that you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000+ upfront for your website and $50 -$500+ monthly, depending on the amount of maintenance needed.

Too often we speak with business owners that are focused on many things that won’t make a website effective. Our job is to steer a business owner in a direction that will provide them a website that gets traffic (visitors) and can convert those visitors into leads and sales. That again, depends on your business and what tools are needed to be successful.

We also want a business owner to love the look and feel of their website and be a part of the design process. If a business owner wants to be hands off and just let us do our magic, we are ok with that too.

At Sushi Fitness we can give you a free consultation to learn what your business needs for a website, and can save you money by offering several bundled packages that include social media management, video production, and many more tools to help you operate a successful business.



  1. Hi Lee,

    It is a nice article that describes your website as an employee who never sleeps and works 24/7 & 365 days! I love how comprehensive you made in this article, and it’s easy to get your points easily by the benefits and negative ones. I will share your articles with people who need the services of building websites. Thanks for sharing this good offering today.


    1. I’ve received a lot of positive good feedback from comparing the cost of an employee to “how much does a website cost to build”. Thank for providing this feedback, it helps me write better articles by knowing what stands out to readers in a positive fashion. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. OlaBee

    Interesting insight, I never looked at it from this perspective. I really enjoyed that part when you were talking about the website as an employee and you were absolutely right. Nice and inforamtive article, thanks.

  3. Many thanks for the insight to how much building a website costs. It was very interesting to compare getting someone to do it compared to how much it would cots to build it on your own and the pros and cons of both side.
    It’s great to know that you are offering support to those who would like to build a website.

    Thank you

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