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Have You Learned From Your Mistakes?

I’ve learned to love making mistakes.

Like a salesman embracing a NO, because he knows he’s getting closer to the YES, you can learn to love your mistakes as well!

Learning to embrace your mistakes tells you that you’re growing. It tells you that you’re expanding your capabilities. That you’re learning new things, and taking on new challenges.

One of the greatest handicaps many of us share is our fear of making mistakes.

Think about a time when you’ve been a part of a conversation. Whether a business meeting or personal lunch, and you wanted to interject your opinion.

You wanted to be a part of the conversation, but you sat there and tried to think of those perfect words, you subconsciously asked yourself, “what’s the perfect thing to say.”

What Happened? 

The conversation moved on, and by the time you had those magic words the conversation had passed and it was on a different subject.


I used to do the same thing in my work production. I thought about a great saying a chef told me many years ago.

“It’s much better to have ten 9s then one perfect 10.”

I’ve incorporated that expression into who I am. I put it into my production and the work I do. Before, I’d sit there and I’d sketch, and I’d try so hard to achieve a perfection that doesn’t exist.

The end of the day would come and often I wouldn’t even have that one project done!  I’d be tired, I had skipped lunch, and I’d have several other things I still had to do.

So, I’ve learned to take that thought process, and embracing mistakes into my workflow.  I find I get a lot more production and work done now.


Do you love learning and growing!

Learning to embrace your mistakes will help your production and knowledge grow. Making mistakes is how we learn, and if we are not making mistakes we are not learning.

Studies show we learn more efficiently by making mistakes, and accepting corrective feedback is the critical step in the learning process.

In fact, the more we believe, acknowledge, and accept our mistake the more prominent and pivotal the correction will be.


Often, our mistakes are not that big and in fact, often minor. They are simple corrections we can make later.

I know a lot of you out there are like me, you’re trying so hard for “perfection“. The reality is, it’s not there. Learn to embrace, love, and learn from your mistakes.

Now, get out there and make some mistakes!

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