Georges St. Pierre Workout Program: Rushfit

Georges St. Pierre Workout Program: Rushfit

Georges is an absolute beast, if you’ve ever seen him fight you know what he’s about.

If you have not and you are a Martial Artist, I’d definitely suggest you watch a few. There are a few names in the MMA world talked about as the G.O.A.T. and St. Pierre is usually close to the top of everyone’s list. I wouldn’t expect less in a Georges St. Pierre workout program.

What they put together for this 8-week training program is amazing!


I talked about my search for a new workout DVD as I had been training with the Bas Rutten workout for decades in this article here. The level of value you receive from the Georges St. Pierre workout program I felt deserved its own article. Right from the start I can tell you if you’re committed to losing weight and getting into amazing shape then this product at its price is a steal.


This is a legitimate 8-week training program that if followed along with a good diet, your body will be transformed at a minimal cost versus anything you’d pay for at a gym.

If you’re not committed, and this will end up collecting dust on your shelf, you might want to throw your money on a less expensive item.


Jumping into the DVD set, what you’ll receive is 6 DVDs with seven intense workouts. With Georges St. Pierre’s workout program you will also get training guides to help you with your nutrition and workouts. This includes training calendars for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Also included is a workout guide and a nutritional guide with a meal planner.

Unrelated to this review, I want to offer something from my personal experience. You should always consistently write down your workouts and goals. The gap between the level of success for people who write everything down versus people who don’t is immense.


The first DVD in the set is going to be a Strength And Endurance Workout.

If you are unfamiliar with conditioning for MMA this will introduce you to it. High-intensity training that will incorporate your entire body.

What you can expect to accomplish in the first DVD is to create your conditioning base. This will help you to get through the program.


The core is perhaps the most important aspect of your body you can train. Often times individuals just do a bunch of sit-ups and consider that a core workout.

A strong core works as a stabilizer for your body allowing you to perform at your peak. It allows you to transfer energy from the lower half of your body to the upper half and vice versa. A strong core also helps prevent injury and an overload on your spine.

This DVD is going to continue to develop your base with the same intense circuit training you learned in the first DVD.


For many, this will be the most challenging part of the program as you begin using real fight techniques in your workout. You will get a great cardio workout and also an increase in balance and mobility. As you learn the techniques you can apply them at a faster pace.

Depending on your skill experience, this DVD may be very challenging at first because of the complexity of some of the techniques. My best advice though is just stick with it!

You have developed your base with the first 2 DVDs, now you are learning how to apply them. After a while, you will get the techniques down and you will gain a ton of confidence in your improved coordination and ability to execute the techniques.


This is probably my favorite DVD in the set and what I like to work on.

One of the things that makes Georges St. Pierre amazing at what he does is his explosive takedowns. His timing is impeccable and the explosion he has to initiate his takedowns allowed him to dominate for many years.

This DVD is going to work on your “fast-twitch fibers“. Providing you an improved ability to explode into your technique. You will do a series of plyometric workouts that will increase your explosiveness, strength, speed, and endurance.


This is probably the most intense video in the series.

As I mentioned before, DVD 3 was possibly the most challenging depending on your skill level because of the techniques involved. DVD 5 aims to absolutely beat you down and then of course build you up after. This is a total body workout that will challenge your strength and muscle endurance while testing your cardio and conditioning.

At this point, you can look back to when you first started the program and where you were physically. You should be proud of yourself because if you’ve followed the program you should be seeing the results now.

If you started at DVD1 and worked your way here, you understand why following the program and building up your base is important at this point. This DVD is going to be hard as hell no matter what! If you haven’t been building up your endurance and decide to jump right into this you are going to struggle.


The last DVD is actually 2 workouts that focus on the key elements of balance, agility, and flexibility.

Balance and agility are absolutely crucial in any facet of fitness and just everyday activities. Many people forget that balance is critical in everything our body does. Walking, riding a bike, and with all functional movements we do every day, balance is the key.

If you’ve ever used a personal trainer the very first session should be an assessment. One of the things in the assessment should be them viewing some basic functional movement and balance. From the results, they will create a plan of corrective exercises for you to implement and improve your functional movement. This will help avoid injuries, relieve or prevent chronic pain, and also increase performance.

The goal of the Balance and Dexterity video is to engage your core to correct imbalances and increase dexterity. At the same time improving your balance and coordination.

The other workout on this DVD deals with flexibility which is an emphasis for most Martial Artists. Being flexible will aid multiple facets of your performance. With better flexibility, you’ll have deeper movements during exercise to help increase strength and stability.

Of course, you’ll also have an increased range of motion. This will help your grappling and being able to throw those beautiful roundhouse kicks.

If you’ve tried the Rushfit Program please let us know what you think?

If not, what similar program have you tried that you recommend?


  1. Despite considering myself a martial arts enthusiast, I rarely pay attention to the world of mixed martial arts. That being said I do recognize well trained MMA athletes as being among the elite when it comes to skill and conditioning. I am familiar with some of Georges St – Pierre’s work, he was a well rounded in stand up and ground fighting, and without question tough as nails. It’s always great when these accomplished athletes create tutorials and share their knowledge, as they usually make great supplementals for those who already train in a particular discipline and a guide for those looking to train quietly at home. Thanks for the review, definitely worth checking out.

    1. Joel,
      Thanks for reading and adding your comment, it’s appreciated.
      I agree, training videos can/and should be used to supplement your current training.
      I wrote about this in a previous article.

      The George St Pierre workout program Rushfit is for anybody I believe, even if they don’t train martial arts.
      It has the workout schedule, meal plans, ect. for them to get in shape.

      If someone IS training martial arts, again it’s great supplemental training to increase their conditioning.

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