Finding A Mixed Martial Arts Workout DVD

Finding A Mixed Martial Arts Workout DVD

I’ve always been a big fan of working out to well-designed audio and video programs. Finding a good mixed martial arts workout DVD isn’t always that easy.


Bas Rutten Workout
Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program

The market has been flooded by people in the fitness world putting out MMA videos and programs. Most don’t really understand our game but are trying to capitalize off the trend. To give them credit, they might understand fitness and can provide you with a good workout. However,  labeling it as a “mixed martial arts” workout DVD might not necessarily be what it is.


About 20 years ago I was introduced to a Bas Rutten workout CD in the dojo I was with at the time. We would train with it during open mat to warm up and to work on our cardio. A lot of workouts I do and programs I’ve built for students are influenced by this set of CDs from Bas. It created a template I’ve followed for shadow boxing and a total body workout.

I began supplementing my workouts less with the Bas Cds over time, honestly just because I had them memorized. A large part I feel to enhance my fight game from these workouts is an improved reaction time. After all the years of working out to these CDs, I began to anticipate the next action. The routine became memorized and felt I wasn’t getting as much out of it as I used to.

I remember an easy reaction drill I learned from a Sensei when I was younger. Shadowbox while watching TV and strike when a different person spoke or the scene changed. This is still a great drill I do to this day. The Bas Cds still provide a great workout but I began searching for something different.

I wanted to change my routine from something my body’s grown accustomed to.

I downloaded a lot of different apps on my phone that were free, programmable, and I felt were similar. They were ok, but most felt like a generic mixed martial arts workout DVD. I didn’t get the same feeling from them. They were probably designed by fitness people and could provide a good workout.

However, lacked the authentic feel of a Martial Arts workout.

I started searching for audio and video workouts that were new to me. Hoping I could replicate what I remember in my early years of training and working out to Bas. I’m going to share with you some of the DVDs and programs I found. I think you will find them challenging and can help improve your game.

Before I jump into them, I want to make clear that if you haven’t done the Bas Rutten workouts yet click one of the links I’ve provided and you will know why I’ve been doing them for 20 years and still recommend them to everybody. In fact, the first DVD I am going to recommend you’ll notice many reviews on Amazon mentioning the Bas workout program.

The Pit Workout

If you are not familiar with the Pit and John Hackleman, you might have heard about Chuck Liddell or some of the fighters that have trained there. The Pit was founded in 1986, that’s 7 years before UFC 1 and the majority of America still didn’t know the difference between real fighting and the Martial Arts they saw on television. John started the Pit to offer a realistic form of Martial Arts that would work in the streets. Providing training and techniques for real life situations.

The video set they put together is going to give you a great workout that you can follow along with. You can tailor it to your fitness level depending on your intensity effort.

The Pit Workout, The Pit Workout: Crosspit, The Pit Workout-Twenties, are total-body workouts that offer a wide range of exercises that will improve your strength and endurance.

Also included in the box set are two DVDs that are geared more towards technique than just a total body workout.


The Pit Workout- Skills and Drills

This DVD is going to provide more elements of technique and try and incorporate these skills into the workout. The biggest drawback I can see is the amount of space and equipment that you might have available to you. You can supplement and still do this workout without a heavy bag, by shadowboxing. As far as an agility ladder if you have the ability you can just use sidewalk chalk in your garage as one option, as that’s what I do as well at home. Dumbbells and a few other items would be needed as well. You can still do this workout without the essential equipment but you honestly won’t be able to maximize the full potential of this workout without them.


The Pit V1 Pit Instructional

This DVD is like the title says an instructional DVD that is going to teach you some basic techniques. It really depends on your skill level in regards to how much you’ll get out of this DVD.

Personally, I try to be student-minded at all times.

If I am observing something that might be basic, I will still pay attention and look for that angle or twist. I can then add that new twist to my toolbox and improve my technique.

However, these are basic techniques.

If you’re an experienced Martial Artist I can’t speak for the value for your dollar this DVD will provide you. If you’re a beginner you might get more out of this DVD than some others might. You can feel confident in what you’re seeing is being provided to you by a legitimate fight school that has put out many world-class competitors. Practice these techniques and over time you will gain an added benefit to your total body workouts with your improved technique.

Overall I’m very happy I discovered the Pit Workout, I would still lean towards the Bas workout if I could make it new in my mind again. Unfortunately, I can’t, but I can honestly offer a review on  The Pit Workout and say you’ll get a solid workout and feel you received good value for your dollar.

Become an MMA Conditioning Coach

I’ve never been enamored by celebrities or sports stars. I can admire their work and abilities but at the end of the day, a soldier or firefighter has sacrificed more for me, a complete stranger than any pro athlete ever has. With that being said very few athletes do I carry more respect and admiration for than Georges St. Pierre.

Georges is the epitome of what a Martial Artist should inspire to be in ability and mannerism. I will try and not let that taint my review as the next mixed martial arts workout DVD I found was from St. Pierre and Rushfit.

Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program

mixed martial arts workout dvd

The Rushfit workout I found to be more than just a workout DVD.

This is a complete two-month training program with a meal plan, calendar, and more. The value of this program is immense. If you are serious about losing weight, getting into shape, and especially if you considered paying for a personal trainer this is the program for you. The results you will receive from this program will be a much better value than you’re most likely to get from paying for it at the gym. I thought the depth of this program required it to have its own separate article.

You can read my review of the Rushfit Program here.


Final Thoughts

After almost two decades of working out to the Bas Rutten CDS and creating programs for myself and students mirroring this workout, I decided to find something new. The two I reviewed here I feel comfortable recommending.

The Pit Workout is great, I feel you can jump from DVD to DVD and can get a solid workout with it.

The Rushfit Program, however, I highly recommend. Working in gyms and fitness centers for the majority of my adult life I have a solid understanding of what people pay to get into shape and lose weight. For the fraction of that price, you can purchase the Rushfit Program. If you stick with it and follow the program you will see similar results.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of the Bas Rutten Workout CDs, and if you do some shopping around online you will see they get great reviews everywhere they are available.


Have you tried any of these DVDs or programs?

Let me know how you felt about them in the comments.


Any workout CD or mixed martial arts workout DVD you’d recommend?

Let me know that as well, I’d love to check them out.


  1. Srinivasan

    Your idea of mixed martial arts is quite interesting to me. I used to do practice kickboxing 15 years back. used to give me good exercise and keep me fit. I was now looking for some workout program which is different and I came across your website. Your experience on Bas workout would certainly help me and I definitely want to try it out. You are recommending the Rushfit Program. How is this different compared to the Bas workout.

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks for reading and glad you found the site. 

      The Bas Rutten workout is much different then the Rushfit Program. 

      Bas Rutten is just a workout, there are several dvds and multiple workouts you can choose from. 

      The Rushfit is a a program. It comes with a meal plan and is meant to be followed for several weeks. 

      I wrote a separate article for Rushfit because it was not just a workout but an actual program and I felt needed a more in depth review. 

      Rushfit is similar to what you would get from a personal trainer but not as expensive, so you can save a lot of money. 

      Good question and I appreciate you taking the time to ask.

  2. Paul

    Hi Lee,

    I love martial arts and watched a lot of martial arts movies. We all know the importance of self-defense and I often do some research on learning self-defense. Today, I found your insightful and informative article.

    However, I was afraid and feeling shy to go to any classes and learn it because of my age. Learning it from the comfort of our home is amazing and your article means a lot to me. As you mentioned, finding the right program is a big struggle and your article provided me with helpful information.

    I go with your top recommendation… The Rushfit Program is the one I am interested in.

    Your review is very thorough and of great benefit to those who are seriously looking for good martial arts workout.

    1. Lee Goupil


      Thanks for reading. 
      a lot of people feel uncomfortable entering a gym so you are not alone with that. Working out from home is certainly a viable option. In regards to a martial arts gym I will say most are going to be more than welcoming so I encourage you to check one out. 
      The DVDs I reviewed above will teach some technique but are mostly geared towards conditioning. 
      If you are looking for more technique related videos please check out this article:

  3. Yalqun

    Actually, I’m a newbie to MMA and just starting out. After one month of training, I’m really feeling the importance of workout programs. It definitely will influence your motivation. I tried Bas RUtten the moment I saw you said you have been using it for 20 years. It’s really gorgeous. And I’m going to try out the other two that you recommend. Good job, buddy.

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks for reading. 
      Yeah, the Bas Rutten program has been around for a long time and is great. 
      We were all newbies at one time, I hope your first month has been fun and you stick with it. 
      Since your new I’m sure you’ve noticed already how important cardio is for MMA. 
      That’s one part of it I think people really underestimate until they get in the gym and try it. 

  4. Nate MC

    The Rushfit Program is awesome, and the meal plans are sensible and affordable too. But I personally found it a bit intense, but I loved it and highly recommend it to someone who is willing to put in the work and can follow most of the meal plan. I know some struggle to stick to a sensible eating plan, but if they can stick to most of what Rushfit entails, they should be fine. 

    1. Lee Goupil


      Thanks for reading and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. 
      The Rushfit program can be a little intense. I agree though, if someone sticks to it and follows the meal plan they’ll get great results. 

  5. Hi! Great content! I know nothing about this topic but I already trust your judgment because of how passionately you write about this subject. I never thought about working out this way. You’ve definitely planted some seeds into my brain and have given me something to think about as I plan my workouts to get more variety in them. Thanks! 🙏🏻😊

  6. Nuttanee

    I love working out at the comfort at my own home but like you said it is so hard to come by a good program that I actually like or enjoy doing (I am a master of procrastination!) I have never tried any of these workout program before. The last DVD work out that I used to you was Insanity and that was a pretty good workout. I will check Rushfit out, I love that it is a total body workout. Thank you for the review!

    1. lgoupil

      Thanks for reading. 
      More and more people are working out at home. 
      Online personal trainers are becoming more popular, along with workout DVDs.  

      I’ve tried insanity a couple times.  

      When insanity was at its peak of popularity the gym I worked for at the time had certified Insanity instructors who would teach the class. 

      Try Rushfit out if you liked Insanity, follow the program and you’ll definitely see results.  

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