Explosive Life Powers – Mind, Body & Spirit

Imagine if you could take your physical strength and kick it up a notch by adding in a few other ingredients to the mix.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome combination?  That’s exactly what I did and I’m about to share the secret behind this explosive life-power that I’ve discovered from my martial art.

When you think about martial art strength, it is often physical strength that comes to mind.  Pick any martial art movie and you see it.  Look at any martial art poster or motivational picture and you notice it.  The physical empowerment of the martial artist is often depicted in media as a physically strong person.

While physical strength is an excellent byproduct of martial arts and a great personal goal, there are a couple of other strengths that produce martial art power.  What are these amazing strengths?  What more can you possibly strengthen if not the physical self?

How about the mind and soul?  The mental and spiritual? If you allow it, these creative and personal strengths can infiltrate your life through your mastery of martial arts.


Physical strength can wane.  It all depends on how many times you practice per week and if you supplement your practices with weight training.  What if suddenly you cannot practice due to illness or issues or commitments? The physical strength can diminish until you continue physical training again.

Mental and spiritual strength in the martial arts are completely different from physical strength.  You may call them a lifestyle or a mindset. You can always keep strong in these areas, no matter your physical health. They do not fluctuate depending on training times or how many days you spend on the mat or the gym.  Once cultivated they are there to stay. Combine them with physical strength and you have an explosive combination.

When you combine your martial art mental power and your spiritual growth with your physical strength, it is a trio of power. Even if the physical falls behind, the two remaining strengths offer you all the defense you will need against life’s daily struggles, or even the biggest personal battles and challenges that you might face.

I’ve experienced many personal obstacles and battles.  I know that while I pushed through and persevered, most would have given up.  They would have walked away, or said to themselves, “That is too big an obstacle for me to fight.”

Whatever dire situations you face and whatever destruction has funneled its way into your life, never forget that you have choices. The first decision to make is how you are going to face the obstacles. Will you use your spiritual and mental strength?

I often remind myself that if I can achieve a black belt, then later a second degree (while pregnant), then I can persevere through anything.  If these strengths could relentlessly guide my path in martial arts, then they can lead me in life, too. The mental and spiritual strengths are  difficult to develop, but as you achieve proficiency in martial arts, you recognize that you are reaching higher ground.

Think about each martial art struggle you have faced.  There was a day when you could not perform a certain skill or didn’t understand a concept.  But, you didn’t give up.  Over time you figured it out or practiced it enough that it finally made sense.  That perseverance and stick-to-it attitude is mental strength.

When you are totally focused, thinking of nothing but your technique, and when the world is quietly swirling around you as you practice your martial art, you are experiencing a spiritual strength.  It is a part of you that exists somewhere beneath the surface and as it emerges you see yourself in a new light.  Competent.  Proficient. True.

From one belt to the next you are more confident, self-assured, and you start to believe in your own power.  Your martial art spiritual side grows as you start to accept that you are just as good as any other martial artist.  You notice that each practitioner has his own weaknesses and no one is perfect, and there is a sense of relief in that. What a revelation!  Your mind is now free from the temptation to be like everyone else.

You learn to be yourself, work diligently, and never allow yourself to give up.  Your spiritual and mental strength starts to deepen.

As you age, or if you suffer from an illness or setback, physical strength may be difficult to maintain.  The spiritual and mental strength, however, will not let you down.  While strengthening your body is of upmost importance, working out the mental and spiritual muscles will bring life-long results.

It’s up to you.  Will you flex your mental and spiritual muscles?  You may not be in the next martial arts movie or on a martial arts poster, but there is one thing is for sure.  These strengths are definitely a part of your personal star power and worth exploring.




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