Effective Communication In Your Fitness Business

Effective Communication In Your Fitness Business

In the fitness world, members are the heart and soul of the business. They supply the life and energy that allows your business to thrive.

To underscore the importance of effective communication in your fitness business, it’s  imperative to let your members know how vital YOU are to THEM as well.

To accomplish this, you need to make sure they understand exactly what offerings you have, and how you help them lead a healthier and happier life!

Yet, it’s extremely difficult at times to communicate your offerings clearly to your members. When creating a communication strategy, a critical first step is defining a clear goal for each message you send.

There Are Five Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself To Elicit Success

1. What goal are you trying to achieve?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. What channels do they interact with? What source do they use for communication?
4. What next step or call to action do you want them to take?
5. What is your success metrics? What does success look like for you?

Once you determine your audience, and channels , make sure to scrub your contact data. An item of importance for effective communication for your business, is confirming that your contact data is up to date.

The last thing you want is to waste your effort on a campaign that gets sent to outdated contact information and not have anyone receive your messages.

Decide Your Goals And Get Creative!

If you’ve decided the goal and success metrics for your campaign you must first STOP and confirm,

“Does This Message Align With My Members’ Goals?”

If the message doesn’t speak to the goals your members have for themselves, you can all but guarantee they’ll give it a quick delete! Unfortunately, if you create the initial impression that you deliver a message of no value, you can expect many of your future messages to get deleted as well.


Set The Tone

It is critical that you first establish the tone of your message.

  • Is this message meant to inspire?
  • Smile?
  • Motivate to take action?

Whatever you hope to achieve, make sure the voice you use, DRIVES the desired emotion. With your tone in place, have fun! Experiment with new ways to convey your message! Try a gif in your emails or emojis with mobile APP push notifications.

Tricks like this can increase open rates by 85%!


What Is Your Call-To-Action, Or CTA.

You can be creative and experiment here as well, but whatever you do, DON’T BE WORDY! Short CTAs have a higher conversion rate.

A general rule for success is around three words or less.


Change That Channel!

Congratulations, you’ve just launched a successful campaign! However, even though you’ve sent a successful, high-converting message, the work isn’t done.

You Need To Test, Test, And Re-Test!

To ensure that your messages continue to be successful, you must continuously work to improve your communications. You need to test key components of your messaging, from your channels to your subject line.


Let’s Start With Channels

Are you positive you’re using the best channel to communicate? Check open and click rates to see what engagement has been generated. If your email campaign underperformed, try text messaging. SMS campaigns provide a personal touch and an amazingly high open and click rate!

Now Guess What? You Need To Test, Test, And Test Some More!

Change up the elements within your content. The subject line, key words, and even the font!
Try A/B testing of the different elements within your campaign. Learn how different approaches and elements work and find out which don’t.

More data and results you have, the better! This allows for better communication with members and prospects, helping lead them to taking a desired action.

This yields increased success in future campaigns, which of course produces a healthier bottom line!


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  1. Hi

    These tips are great to achieve success in the fitness business.
    As you mentioned effective communication with the target audience is truly key factor one should focus on, I feel many fitness trainers have mastered as personal trainers but unfortunately fitness professionals fall short in skills for developing rapport and communicating effectively with clients.

    It is so important to effectively communicate as it leads to customer loyalty and longevity which is crucial in the long run of the fitness business.

    Rightly said fitness business should decide goals and get creative to achieve it, your tips mentioned will surely help fitness professionals to build and let their business grow.


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