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Deep Breathing Exercises And Anxiety

Anxiety has become an all too common problem in modern society. Countless individuals suffer from anxiety and search for remedies to improve their everyday lives.

There is a lot of research to demonstrate the correlation between deep breathing exercises and the reduction of anxiety.

Learning some breathing techniques could help you to:

  • Feel Better About Yourself
  • Improve Your Concentration
  • Sleep Better
  • Reduce Anxiety-Related Symptoms


Below you will find some deep breathing exercises for anxiety that are simple but extremely effective.


  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing For Anxiety

In studies, diaphragmatic breathing has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels. This technique is simple, but also very effective.

To practice, find a comfortable seated position and relax with your hands on your thighs.

Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. For a moment, feel the air enter through your nose, and then exit out of your mouth. Your lips should be pursed.

After some breaths put your hands on your belly, around your belly button.

During inhalation, try to expand your belly under your hands. Then during your exhalation, try to relax your belly.

Continue to breathe in this manner for ten to fifteen cycles, and then return gently with your mind to the present moment.

When you’re ready, open your eyes.


  1. Breathing With Numbers For Anxiety

Another deep breathing exercise for anxiety is the one in which you will be required to count.

Start sitting in a comfortable position or lay down on a yoga mat, or in your bed. To start, breathe lightly from your nose, inhaling and exhaling slowly.

After some breaths and your body has relaxed, begin your counting exercise. Inhale for a slow count of five, exhale for a slow count of five. If you have greater lung capacity, you can increase the count. The critical factor is the rhythmic count of the breathing process.

Continue this breathing exercise for 10 to 15 cycles. After, gently return your mind to the present moment before opening your eyes.


  1. Conscious Breathing Exercise For Anxiety

In this exercise you will not only be breathing to relieve your anxiety, but also introduced to a form of meditation.

Find a comfortable position, you can sit on your chair or on a yoga mat with a cushion under your glutes.

Begin by breathing normally from your nose, then start to focus and be aware of your breath.

After some breathing cycles introduce these affirmations into your practice.

  • When you inhale repeat mentally: “I am now inhaling”
  • When you exhale repeat mentally: “I am now exhaling”

Continue to breathe, and to repeat your affirmations, for at least 10 to 15 cycles of breathing, before you return your mind to the present. After, when you’re ready, gentle open your eyes.


When Should You Use A Deep Breathing Exercise?

With deep breathing techniques and anxiety there is no ideal time for you to practice. However, I recommend that you begin a habit doing them in the morning, to prepare your body and your mind for the day. After, you can integrate your day with some of these deep breathing exercises, to feel better and power yourself through your day.

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Most of us have struggled with anxiety at one time or another.

If you’ve tried any of these breathing techniques, let us know how it helped you. 

What other steps have you taken to help yourself with anxiety?

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  1. Tanya

    I’ve been struggling with anxiety for a long time. I’ve learned diaphragmatic breathing and it really works. I’ll definitely try other techniques you’ve described. Thank you!

    1. Lee Goupil

      Glad to hear you’ve found a way to help deal with your anxiety. Hopefully you can try some of the other deep breathing techniques and can see an improvement with your anxiety. I appreciate you reading and leaving a comment.

  2. jason

    what a great article iv booked marked this for a future reference to look back at, thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Lee Goupil

      My pleasure Jason, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

  3. Jukka

    Yes! Breathing is the one thing that can get me out of anxious panic induced by stress. I think it’s so effective because it grounds your focus in the present. I’ve also found out that I can control my blood pressure through deep breathin exercises. To the point of almost blacking out.

    I’ve suffered from some form of anxiety and depression pretty much my whole life. I think these things should be taught in schools. And not as some half an hour exercise once in PE class but as an everyday routine for kids that don’t learn this stuff at home. You know breathing, being present, mindfulness, understanding and communicating your emotions etc.

    1. Lee Goupil

      Great input and I agree with you. Beyond anxiety, practicing breathing exercises can help blood pressure and controlling your heart beat as well.
      Mindfulness, breathing techniques, and other forms of healthy exercises that were considered unorthodox in the past are becoming more common and accepted.
      Physical and mental health is one of the most important things we can practice but unfortunately it’s not always emphasized.

  4. Jordan J.M.

    Dude This was huge for me today, I’ve had some bad, real bad days with Anxiety. I can say one thing I’ll be a regular here! Keep it Coming great job on the Content btw, easy to follow and well written!!!

    Your Friend, Jordan

    1. Lee Goupil

      Thanks Jordan, I appreciate those words!
      If you haven’t already sign up for the newsletter and don’t hesitate to reach out.
      Take care

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