Death In Boxing: Maxim Dadashev

Maxim Dadashev has died after injuries sustained from his fight on July 19,2019.

He had been undefeated in all his 13 fights leading into his junior welterweight matchup with Subriel Matias.

Maxim Dadashev’s trainer Buddy McGirt stopped the fight after the 11th round.

The young fighter shook his head in disapproval but McGirt had already made up his mind and told the referee and the ringside doctor that he was stopping the fight.

 “I saw him fading and when he came back to the corner [after the 11th round], my mind was already made up,” McGirt said. “I was just asking him out of respect, but my mind was made up. I wasn’t going to let him go out there.”

Dadashev began vomiting and then collapsed after leaving the ring and left the arena on a stretcher.

Thank you to Boxing Truth Over Tradition & More for the video of the interview with Buddy McGirt and the aftermath.

He was taken to a local hospital before being transported to University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center for a two-hour surgery to relieve a subdural hematoma.

Maxim showed signs of severe brain damage and was placed in a medically induced coma and died 4 days later.

The last recorded death in boxing was of Christian Daghio, a little over 8 months before on November 5, 2018 which was the 2nd of two deaths in 2018.

There were 2 deaths as well the previous year while only one in 2016 which was the first death since Francisco Leal in 2013.

Albeit, still an extremely dangerous sport it’s noteworthy to know that in 1953 22 boxers died in that one year alone!

Maxim Dadashev was born in 1991 and at the age of 28 he leaves behind his wife Elizabeth and their only child Daniel.

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