Cheap Punching Bags For Your Home Gym

Cheap Punching Bags For Your Home Gym

With so many items on the market for martial artists and fitness enthusiasts it can feel like we need to spend a lot of money pursuing our goals. As a martial artist there are some key items we must purchase to help grow our skills and abilities. Accumulating these items can be tough on our budget.

Punching bags can be costly depending on the brand and quality. Finding cheap punching bags to supplement your training should be high on your list of items to attain.

Luckily, this is one of the investments a martial artist can cut corners on without sacrificing quality. The best way to go about it is to purchase unfilled bags and filling them yourself. You can easily order these on Amazon and have them delivered to your home.

Filling the bags is a very simple task you can read about in this article here. You can save a lot of money with very little effort on your part.



Cheap punching bags you can find under $30.

When you are browsing for cheap punching bags under $30, name brand and durability are important. As with any product you buy, reviews are good to browse to see the response from consumers who already purchased the same item.

Luniquz Kids Punching Bag UNFILLED

This product was actually listed under $20, and I wanted to offer a very inexpensive option to start with. At the time I wrote this article this product had 87 reviews with a nearly 5-star rating.  It might list as a kids punching bag but that is mostly because the weight limit is only 35 pounds. The durability of the bag itself should be fine and not a concern.


Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag UNFILLED

This is an excellent high-quality bag for the price. It had over 400 reviews when I wrote this article and a 4-star rating. This bag is 4 feet long and much larger than the previous listed punching bag. I couldn’t find the manufacturers maximum weight recommendations. However, I did find some customer reviews where they stated they had put 150 pounds into the bag and have had no issues. I would feel confident in saying you’d be safe anywhere between 75-100 pounds.


AURION Srffilledblack48 Punching Bag UNFILLED

This is going to be another 4-foot, top-quality bag for under $30.  This bag had over 400 reviews as well on Amazon and over a 4-star rating. With multiple colors to choose from, it also comes with free hand wraps.


Punching Bags Under $50

As we move up the price slightly, we are normally going to have more weight capacity and larger size.  Towards the end of the list I am going to include some of the highest quality and best reviewed bags. They might not necessarily fit into an article about cheap punching bags, but I wanted to provide you a few of those options as well.


Ringside 40 Small Punching Bag UNFILLED

This is a smaller bag but Ringside is obviously a big name in this world, so I wanted to include it.  This is a sharp looking high-quality bag that comes in multiple designs. It has great reviews but is on the smaller end with only a 40-pound recommended filling weight.


Jayefo Trexter Heavy Punching Bag UNFILLED

This is a very durable high quality 6-foot bag. Excellent for practicing leg kicks and will provide a large range of striking targets. It has great customer reviews and can be filled to over a 150-pound capacity This bag also advertises a 10-year warranty!


Dprodo Punching Bag UNFILLED

Another great durable bag you can get for under $50. With a sleek design and classy appearance this bag would make a perfect addition to your home gym. The manufacturer also advertises a wide range of after sale customer service and a full year of “thoughtful” customer care.


RDX Punch Bag for Boxing Training FILLED

This is a very beautiful looking bag and the only FILLED bag on this list. It only had a few reviews at the time I wrote this article, but they were all 5-star reviews. This one was listed at slightly over $50 but it’s a set. The biggest reason I listed this product is because it had almost 800 reviews and a 5-star rating! You can choose either 4 or 5 feet for your bag and it comes with a chain, wall brackets, gloves, jump rope, hang wraps, and grips. It’s really a complete set if you are just getting started this is a good deal. The weight capacity is about 50 pounds.

Reminder, this is a filled heavy bag. There is no need for you to stuff it yourself.


If you are not concerned with cheap punching bags and want high quality.


Fairtex Teardrop Leather MMA Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag Unfilled

An absolutely beautiful bag that would make any practitioner jealous.  Designed specifically for Muay Thai, this bag is excellent for kicks, knees, elbows, and whatever you want to throw at it.  This punching bag will cost you around $200 but is worth every penny.


Ring to Cage Angle Punching Bag Unfilled

Another attractive, high quality bag that will cost a little under $100. The unique design on this bag allows you to throw uppercuts and work on angles differently then you can on more traditionally shaped bags. The shape is also perfect for bringing it down to the mat for ground and pound drills. The manufacturer claims to have a unique lace-up closing system that will provide additional durability.


If you are just starting out or if you’re already an experienced martial artist, you don’t need a large budget to increase your training supplies. Hopefully this article helped steer you in a direction to find a cheap punching bag that will still provide durability and quality over years of training.


If you’ve used any of these bags or want to recommend one that you have used, please let us know in the comments.


  1. I’m not a martial artist maybe I’ll become one in the future, who knows! I like how you’ve provided different types of punching bags to allow options to choose from. The prices are not too bad for the quality and durability you’ve outlined in the article. I’m sure even if you don’t do martial art one can still use the bags as part of the exercise regimen.

  2. I didn’t realise these could be purchased so easily. My favourite is the RDX bag, good price, good review and it looks good; what more could you want! What would your recommendation be or have you a preference?


  3. Very well put together article. As a beginner, I have a wide variety of punching bag options to choose from. If I had my choice, starting with the RDX set mentioned in the article would be the way to go so I have everything. Thanks so much for the detailed info.

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