Top 5 Most Popular Gym Equipment Pieces

dumbbell rack and stability ball

One of the problems that people face when opening a gym or health club is the plethora of equipment choices. Although there are new and interesting, like the shake weight , it is ideal to stick to the classics. Here are the top 5 popular equipment pieces that every gym should have.

Stability Ball

Although unassuming and seemingly simple, a stability ball

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Popular Pieces of Aerobic Pool Equipment

Pool aerobic equipment

Swimming and other pool related activities are a great way for people to relax, stay cool and be fit at the same time. Swimming in a pool regularly helps reduce weight as well as improve your cardio endurance. The following is a list of pool equipment and some general exercises that can accompany them.

Hand-held pool aerobic equipment

Pool aerobics is very effective for those

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The Pains and Gains of Drills and Skills: Why Gyms & Personal Trainers Should Utilize Outdoor Obstacle Courses

View of muddy runner shoes, standing in the mud

All personal trainers are fully cognizant of the benefits of taking the workout of their clients outdoors. The advantages go much beyond just the fitness objectives. When exercising outdoors, people are benefited by both physiological as well as psychological gains. This fact can be extolled by all fitness instructors in the world.

The makeup

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Best Types of Music to Play at the Gym

Music notes

As a gym owner, you would already know that the music you play at your gym defines the ambiance and affects the level of motivation for your members. With different personalities coming to your gym, you are probably having a hard time trying to keep everyone happy with the type of music you play. While hardcore bodybuilders are likely to prefer

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What Is Your Story?

A "prince frog" looking on an over-sized book that says, "Once Upon A Time."

Do you have a back story to how your business started? Do your employees know the why and what-for of the enterprise they work for? Employees need a story that they can focus on and a reason to identify with your small gym business. If that story is something that new employees can buy into, they will become a more effective part of

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Las Vegas Athletic Club Versus Life Time Athletic

There’s no time like the present to prepare for storms on the horizon. I’m reminded about this because one of the big boys has just arrived in town in a big way. The launch of Life Time Athletic into the local Las Vegas market has been a wake-up call, announced with all of the glitz and fanfare people expect of this town. I would like to

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Building Strong Reputation Foundations From Membership Testimonials

Taking Your Reputation Forward By Asking For Testimonials

If you have a system that currently gets testimonials and positive reviews from your membership that is a gift! If you can get testimonials easily, you’re golden. If not, join the club! It’s not usually easy to elicit praise from customers on the record, even when they are completely happy with your service. The secret is to ask,

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The Gift Of Membership And Other Gift Card Things

There are lots of interesting ways to do promotions. Once again, with the holidays upon us, I think it’s time to take another look. One of the most accessible is selling gift cards as part of your retail operation. Even if it means just a desktop display at your reception you can boost your return on investment by offering this popular, high

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What Is The Deal With Google These Days?

You Cannot Avoid The Google

There are so many things a small gym or fitness center owner needs to be aware of, most of which are not directly related to the gym business. Hopefully, articles such as this one will help you to keep up to date and informed about the state of the industry. I have some pretty good sources on the inside of the tech industry and I like to think

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Standing Up To The Big Boys

Because The Bigger They Are…

As the big guys get bigger, and keep pouring cash into their fitness center locations, you might think that they would be impossible to beat. It’s just a fact that large corporations have all the money and other financial resources at their disposal that anyone could wish for. That does not mean they have a monopoly on innovation or competitiveness.

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Funding Your Gym The Silicon Valley Way

Stages Of Building Your Empire

The readers of Gym Insight are a pretty diverse group of people; some have aspirations to gym ownership and others are already there. So let’s look at one of the sexiest ways to get business funding. This is how the tech startups go about bootstrapping up from nothing and how the process can be applied to your situation. The levels of investment

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Podcasts For Gym Owners And By Them Too

Sharing The Conversation With Podcasting

When you own a twenty-first century gym you really should support it with all the up-to-date media resources you can get. In my opinion, using the available tools of the Internet is the best way you can leverage even the leanest budget; many of them for free or less than the cost of an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Podcasting is

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Moving Your Gym And Surviving A Change In Gym Location

When You Have To Do What You Would Rather Not

One of the biggest challenges that a gym owner can face is moving the physical location of the business. Perhaps this is even more of a pressing issue if you already have a location that your clients love. Everything else being equal the best advice is to stay put; don’t, at least unless you have to.

Of course, there are many reasons that you

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Charity Events By Orangetheory Prove My Point

On Orangetheory Joining Communities

The new HIIT concept gym business Orangetheory has been expanding like crazy across the country of late. I’m glad to see that there is a fitness ethos behind the boom. It looks like they’re selective in whom they hire; only properly trained and certified exercise science graduates need apply.

Beyond doing the basics right, Orangetheory

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Survey Shows Small Gyms Grow By Reviews

Customer Reviews

Third Party Confirmations

I was just reading the results of a really interesting small business survey, and the discussion about it, on the Club Solutions Website. The point was that community and reviews lead as the driving forces for growth across the spectrum of small businesses.

Of 6,000 survey respondents, eleven percent were gym members. The survey showed that

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The Challenges Of Creating Your Own Brand

There was a time when I would have thought that creating a brand was as simple as having an idea and commissioning a graphic designer to put my imaginings into visual form. I have learned a simple and harsh lesson over time: You have to work very hard to get recognized in your marketplace, as a business and as a brand.

Be The Brand

You can create

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Marketing To Pick Up Members During The Slow Months Of Summer

What is marketing about if not finding new customers? And when business is at its slowest surely that is the time to shift down a gear and get the marketing efforts going properly. Marketing is about customers, who they are and what they want, as well as how you can mold your business to pick up some new members. You can bring in new members

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Read This Before Starting A Gym Business

The Armchair Stage Of Starting A Gym Business

Do you dream of starting a gym or fitness studio? If so you may have made serious inquiries into what it takes. Like starting a restaurant, founding a gym captures the imagination of people at all levels of experience and qualifications. The fitness industry seems like an easy entry; passion is a great starting point. Running a gym is a consumer

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Promote Your Gym Business By Eating Your Own Dog Food

This One Hack Will Generate Early Feedback

Here’s a tech term that you can use as a principle to drive your small gym business empire ahead: In tech jargon, they call it Dogfooding. The expression, to “eat your dog food” is not a literal thing, obviously. I don’t think that trend

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Gym Businesses Win By Investing In Millennials

The Digital Natives Expect You To Bring Your A-Game

There is a simple logic that justifies marketing to Millennials; it is the fact that, being young people, they will be around for years and years to come. So if you can capture the mood and attitude that appeals to them, you have a shot at building relationships with a valuable demographic.

Millennials are the offspring of past generations that

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What Makes Walk-In Gym Membership Prospects Walk-In?

Someone recently made a very excellent comment on the Gym Insight Blog. The commenter posted that, while walk-ins are great, they don’t just materialize out of thin air, clubs have to work for them.

Yes, that is absolutely true, you are going to have to invest some time and effort to generate walk-in inquiries. The result you want is a new

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Negative Reviews And How To Respond When You Get Them

When you work very hard to build something significant, and someone makes what sounds like an unjustified remark, it hurts. If you don’t restrain yourself from attacking it can turn into a circus in all the wrong ways. Ever see a minor complaint turn into a public relations disaster? It seems like it happens all the time these days and companies

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More Podcast Resources For Gym Business Entrepreneurs

Podcasting Revisited

Podcasting is a topic that I think is worth revisiting. So, this is an update to a classic Gym Insight blog post, with more good stuff for gym owners.

Through podcasts, you can discover insights for gym owners, stay current with issues in fitness, business management, and any other topics that might

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