5 Fitness Myths That People Still Believe

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Nowadays, nobody needs to go to the library and spend hours doing research as we have all the information we need by visiting websites like Sushi Fitness or with a quick internet search.

Why do so many fitness myths still seem to circulate as fact in our world?

In the fitness and exercise world, what you don’t know CAN hurt you or at minimum just waste your time and effort with little to no results.

Crunches And Sit Ups Will Give You 6 Pack Abs Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, you can do 100s of sit ups and crunches a day and you will never achieve a flat stomach or the 6 pack abs that you are looking for.

How you lose fat from your belly is by trimming the fat on your entire body.

With sit ups and crunches you are strengthening your ab muscles but losing the layer of fat over them is a different animal. (see the next myth)

You Can Spot-Reduce Fat

Much like doing 100 crunches to lose fat on your belly you can’t do 100 tricep curls to trim the fat off your arms.

To start losing fat, you need to trigger the metabolic effects necessary to burn fat.

Focusing on one muscle group, such as the abs or the triceps will be too isolated and not significant enough to create the fat burning and results you desire.

Deep Squats Are Bad For Your Knees

There’s not a lot of evidence available that correlates to linking squats to knee pain.

In fact, squatting with knees over toes is a biomechanically safe motion to do.

When squatting, it is very important to use a proper weight for your ability, so you can perform a full range of motion.

The More You Sweat The More Calories You’ve Burned

Sweat is a biological response that regulates internal body temperature by releasing water and salt, which evaporates to help cool you down.

Sweating does provide a benefit of healthier skin by allowing oxygen and nutrients to circulate and nourish skin cells, but it does not translate to burning more calories.

You Need Electrolytes After Every Workout

We are bombarded daily with TV commercials and ads that tell us we need plenty of electrolytes to replenish our body after a workout or any physical activity.

The reality is however, plain old water can get you through most workouts.

Most times the extra sugar in those drinks will impede the fat-burning process and hinder the results you are most likely looking for.

Electrolyte fueled sports drinks are more beneficial for long sessions or intense cardio workouts that last an hour or more.

I know there is many more out there, what other myths have you heard or seen in the gym?

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