30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas For Daily Motivation

30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas For Daily Motivation

30 day fitness challenges seem to get mixed reviews in the fitness world.

I personally think they can be a great way to stay motivated each day. When I’m committed to 30 day challenges, I am forced to do something everyday. Even the times I’m too tired, get home late, not feeling the best, and my mind is telling me to take the day off.

I believe that’s the power in the 30 day challenges that can benefit anyone from beginners to the experienced. The daily commitment to an activity can help spark a beginner into living a healthy lifestyle. More experienced fitness enthusiasts can add a new skill or commit to a new goal with a 30 day challenge. Below I have a few 30 day fitness challenges I designed and some free apps you can download from Amazon.


Here are some 30 day fitness challenge ideas for you to start or incorporate into your normal fitness program.

30 Day Pull-Up Challenge

This was the very first 30 day challenge I did. I felt this would be a great example to get the 30 day fitness challenge ideas started for you.

You can use this blueprint to create your own fitness challenges as you progress.

Beginning on day 1 you will start with 5 pull-ups and then rest for one minute. Then 4 pull-ups and rest for 1 minute, then 3, 2, and 1 repetition with a one minute break in between.

The challenge will progress over 30 days as you can see in the chart below.

30 day fitness challenge ideas for

You can create many 30 day fitness challenge ideas following this simple formula. As an example we can parlay this into a 30 day push-up challenge. Most people can perform more push-ups then they can pull-ups so I’d recommend starting at a larger number for the push-up challenge.

30 Day Push Up Challenge

For your 30 Day Push Up Challenge your chart should look something like the one below.

30 day fitness challenge ideas for

With this method you can create an almost unlimited amount of 30 day fitness challenges. Just pick an exercise like dips, jump squats,and increase you repetitions each day over 30 days.

30 Day Push Up Challenge


30 Day plank Challenge

Another way you an create a 30 day fitness challenge is by selecting exercises that incorporate timed sessions instead of repetitions. A 30 Day Plank Challenge is the perfect way to get started.

I was once told we can do anything for 30 seconds. That’s a perfect time frame to begin day 1 of your 30 day challenge. If 30 seconds is a challenge, prepare to be be proud of yourself. On day 30 you will be up to a minute and a half!

You can use the chart below to begin your 30 Day Plank Challenge.

30 day fitness challenge ideas for

Once again, following the table you can create other 30 day timed fitness challenges. You can do plank variations to change up the challenge or do exercises like a wall sit, or choose a challenging yoga pose. Gradually increasing the time each day that you hold the pose.

30 day fitness challenge ideas for
30 Day Plank Challenge

The daily drive and commitment to a routine is where you are going to see the results.

Mentally, I believe is where we benefit the most from 30 day fitness challenges. The grind, consistency, and  achievement after 30 days is an inspiration to strive for more.

We can develop a 30 day fitness program that might provide better physical results at the end. A planned diet, workout schedule, and with days off.

However, I feel the greatest benefit from the 30 day challenges are not necessarily from the physical results but the sense of accomplishment and motivation you recieve from completing a 30 day challenge.

As a beginner or someone who’s been trying to change their habits this is a great way get the confidence you need. After completing the 30 day challenge I recommend you jump right into a fitness program or healthy lifestyle change that you’ve been wanting to achieve.

If you’re experienced, a 30 day fitness challenge can still provide a great benefit. You can select an area you want to improve and choose a exercise that will provide you the results you want to achieve. A 30 day challenge can be a great supplemental addition to your regular workout routine.

If you want some more ideas or guides to assist you on your 30 day challenges there are several on Amazon that you can download for free. The three apps listed below are great to get started with.
30 day fitness challenge ideas for
30 Day Butt Challenge

30 day fitness challenge ideas for
30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

30 Day AB and Squat Challenge

30 day fitness challenge ideas for
30 Day Dumbbell Burpee Challenge

The above apps I’ve listed are free. If you have Amazon Prime then there are some other 30 day fitness challenges you can get.
30 day fitness challenge ideas for

30 Day Bikini Body Quick Workout Challenge

30 Day Yoga For Weight Loss with Julia Marie

30 day fitness challenge ideas for

The 30 Day At Home Abs & Tummy Toner

Have you ever done a 30 day fitness challenge?
What 30 day challenges have you done?


  1. Hi Lee, Ive set up a gym room too. Not only because I am home bound at the moment, due to the Corona Virus situation, but because it’s convenient to be able to do some workouts if my schedule is tight. I like 30-days challenge apps. I sometimes add them to my regular workouts. After the 15th day they can become quite intensive (depending on which challenge I chose of course). I find them motivating to push myself just a bit further. It’s the reward of ticking it off every time I did it and the sensation of accomplishment that I feel afterwards. That will keep me disciplined to do them again the next day as well. It’s a mental game , really. I’m a runner and running can be a mental game too sometimes. I mostly have no motivational problems to do any form of exercise, but occasionally we all have one of those days that we need a bit of an extra push to get going. Great article! I’m looking forward to read more of your blogs.

  2. Wow, this is simple and amazing. I have just set up a home gym and I will give this a try for sure.
    Thanks for taking the time to create this simple routines. These seem to be the foundation and building blocks for a great work out discipline. I look forward to reading your next article.

    1. Thanks Franklin, in my opinion at least the 30 day challenges are great motivators. You need to motivate yourself to do something everyday. Even with the simplest challenge it can be hard to to stay consistent on a daily basis. The rewarding of accomplishment after 30 days can be a spark for something better.

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